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About us

Abel is a Singapore based team focused on Bot development, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics.

We focus on creating AI solutions to solve real business issues – This could be as simple as creating a chat-bot to make a restaurant booking – to difficult projects such as introducing a physical robot to an office.

We believe that when AI technology is used correctly, it can transform businesses and improve society in a meaningful and positive way.

What we do

Bots for

Gaining popularity as Chatbots or service Bots, we consult customers and develop bots for specific business purposes such as: customer service, customer issue automation, F&B ordering, booking systems, client management, and more.

A ‘bot’ can be simple or complex based on its utilization in a business – It can integrate into platforms such as Slack and SMS, or be synced to IOT (Internet of things) ie physical objects for control purposes. This is where we offer our consultation and strategy.

Specifically, our Bot services include:

  • Consultation and Bot strategy
  • Development
  • Maintenance and training / updating of Bot


The AI market is growing and being discussed globally. Artificial intelligence offers the promise of a machine being able to maximize its expected utility.

Within this field of knowledge, there are many aspects to consider when looking to use artificial intelligence for a business; such as language processing, machine learning, facial recognition, image classification, and more.

In addition to our own in-house projects, we offer discussions with customers who are looking for an AI solution to their business issues.


At the core of our company is a desire to create social and personable robots that improve peoples lives. We are internally building robot concepts that we believe will be utilised for various industries.

This technology can be used with RF or communication device such as:

wifi bluetooth 4g UHF MHZ